Words vs physical pain

Signs Many people use the words 'sign' and 'symptom' interchangeably.

Words vs physical pain

Share Shares The human body is a wonderful thing. It regulates itself, maintains itself fairly well, and has a sophisticated system to warn us of malfunctions. When wear and tear occur, we take it in for maintenance.

Repetitive Pain

Our emotional health, though, gets far less attention. A cut, untended, will become infected. We know that for a fact. We clean the wound, bandage it, and if bad enough, go to the doctor. But heartbreak or disappointment? Oh, we allow those to fester!

Here are 13 ways in which emotional pain is actually more challenging than physical pain not to dismiss physical pain as insignificant in ANY way: Repetitive Pain Emotional pain can be re-lived over and over without any easing of pain or symptoms. Often, the more we obsess on a particular emotional pain, the worse it gets.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Diagnostic Tests for Back Pain Nature versus nurture Although developmental change runs parallel with chronological age, [30] age itself cannot cause development.

Cause Unknown Physical pain usually has a clear cause. Emotional pain can be a cloudy thing full of twists and tangles that hamper the identification of a root cause.

A broken arm will set after a few months.

Words vs physical pain

A broken heart can seem endless. The Heavy Shadow Emotional pain brings with it an omnipresent, invisible cloud.

MRI vs. Myelogram

Physical pain tends to elicit immediate sympathy, but we believe our emotional pain carries with it the stigma of an expiration date: Transference Outside of contagious illnesses, physical pain is limited to yourself. Emotional pain is readily transferred to others.

This occurs via a number of psychological mechanisms, but the most common is Displacementwhere we transfer negative feelings to someone or something else rather than confront the initial cause and, in confronting, possibly heal quicker or avoid injury altogether.

The anticipation of emotional pain say, a breakup with a lover or falling out with a friend creates lengthy states of unease leading up to the anticipated pain, then reinforces that pain days, months, or even years after the event. Unpredictability Emotional pain can strike, flare up, or reoccur at any time, even on days you feel your most emotionally secure.

Something super tiny might trigger the emotional outbreaksomething so unrelated to the original cause that even a clear summer day might blindside you. You may also like article continues below:Pain should be considered in relationship to the physiological system of homeostasis.

Just as PTSD is a physiological adaptation to extreme, long-term stress, chronic pain can become a permanent state even when the original cause of the pain has been resolved.

Free thesaurus definition of to feel or cause physical pain and suffering from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus .

Physical symptoms of anxiety and stress are arguably equally as uncomfortable (or more difficult) than the psychological aspects. In many cases anxiety starts as a response or emotion that is felt in the body and eventually spreads.

Emotional Pain Quotes ( quotes)

For example, if you are faced with a pack of hungry wolves and are in the woods alone without any help, you will feel 'fear' - an emotion synonymous with anxiety. Textbook publishing in the United States is an $11 billion industry, with five companies - Cengage Learning, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and Scholastic - capturing about 80% of this market.

IMS stands for intramuscular stimulation and is an anatomy specific form of acupuncture performed by specially trained physiotherapists and some doctors.

It has its roots in traditional Chinese acupuncture, but is fundamentally different in many ways. IMS uses Western medicine’s Read more ›. Choose the Right Synonym for healthy. healthy, sound, wholesome, robust, hale, well mean enjoying or indicative of good health.

healthy implies full strength and vigor as well as freedom from signs of disease. a healthy family sound emphasizes the absence of disease, weakness, or malfunction.

a sound heart wholesome implies appearance and behavior indicating soundness and balance.

A broken heart and a broken leg — much the same to our brains | On the Brain